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Author Topic: To create a new OPS on M4OPS  (Read 477 times)


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To create a new OPS on M4OPS
« on: 15 November 2016, 12:24:27 »
To create a new OPS
  • Determine from the person responsible for the OPS:
    • OPSName - mixed case
    • OPSDescription - html (can include links etc) displayed in the modal box
    • ContactEmail - to receive any enquiries
    • Website - include http etc
  • Decide on:
    • OPSCode - usually 3 upper case letters
    • Area - eg AUS, ENG, WAL or SCO
    • SOPSpage - for the study on the SOPS website, what comes after - eg /europe/england/...
  • Determine (from M4OPS using the lon;lat csv option - can copy base coordinates from Google Maps location, or from the URL - just after the @):
    • Lon;Lat for central point
    • Zoom
    • Rotation - usually blank (or 0)
    • minx; miny - lon;lat csv for bottom left corner
    • maxx; maxy - lon;lat csv for top right corner
  • Decide on (usually just use defaults):
    • nFeatureLayers - usually 2, can be 1 or 3
    • password - for uploading and compiling (initial value)
    • minYearBound - leave blank for now
    • minYear - leave blank for now
    • maxYear - leave blank for now
  • Enter the relevant details into the list at Users\M4OPS users.doc
  • Copy the full Blank folder in \Mapping\Software\M4OPS\OPS into the relevant Area folder (eg \ENG England), thereby creating the folder for the new OPS
  • (Note that there is no need to set up the Backups folder as this is done by savefiles.php)'
  • Rename this copied folder the relevant '(OPSCode) (OPSName)'
  • In the FLG subfolder of this folder, edit the OPS.csv file with the above data
  • In the same folder, edit the Exclusions.csv file as appropriate, or delete it completely (note that you only need to exclude layers if they are included in the Area's layers)
  • In the same folder, check and edit as necesssary the LayerDefs_Feature.csv and LayerDefs_Other.csv files (do not assume OK)
  • Using FTP, create the folder for the new OPS in /ShowMapsDev/OPS/(Area) - with the name '(OPSCode) (OPSName)'
  • FTP the FLG, Images, and SavedFiles folders, as well as the Ops.json file
  • (or, if you have FTP'd the whole folder, delete the other sub-folders)
  • Clear the browser cache
  • Reload ShowMapsDev/M4OPS
  • Switch the OPS to the new one, and ignore the error
  • Click on Compile, blank out the password (its initial value), and say yes to compiling everything
  • Again clear the browser cache, and reload M4OPS
  • Check if the basics all seem to work OK
  • FTP the resulting OPS.json from the /ShowMapsDev/OPS folder on the server back to the \Mapping\Software\M4OPS\OPS folder on the laptop and overwrite the dummy one
  • Consider adding other layers, such as at Great Britain civil parish boundaries
  • Repeat the FTP, Compile, Check processes using ShowMaps instead of ShowMapsDev
  • Let the person responsible for the OPS know, referring them to When your One-Place Study has first been set up on M4OPS
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